Let me introduce to you my co-worker, co-storyteller, and all-around writing quality insurer aka my small 8lb dog, Apollo.

His coloring is beige, at least these days, but it’s not unheard of for him to go strawberry blond or even bright blond, with hints of dark brown and gray.

He might be small in stature, but his personality is humongous. He firmly believes that his chirping-whining sounds are a clear sign of communication that everyone, especially his owners, should understand. He uses punctuations perfectly–raising his tone for a question, or snapping in impatience with a short bark-whine. As I said, he is an expert at doggie communication. (If only his owners could recognize that fact…)

He is a very happy dog, always pronouncing around (making sure both his front legs and back legs cross at the right intervals, with just enough bounce to be proper but not too much to be overly enthusiastic). He loves following around his owners, whether they are trying to vacuum or making his dinner, he has no problem being there to “assist” any way he can–mostly to trip said owners up, but that’s neither here nor there.

*Apollo barks twice*

I believe Apollo is happy to meet you as well, Dear Readers. (Or he is ready for his dinner… ;))

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