Apollo is the type of dog—not just a small dog—who likes to consider the many aspects of life.

For example, when someone passes by, he listens first, then barks second. If it’s a dog, then all bets are off.

Another example is dog toys. Apollo prefers tennis balls, the smaller variety, over other toys. He often studies the round orange (or blue, or yellow) toy for long moments, gazing at it with appreciation. He only likes to fetch once or twice, but definitely not over three times in a row.
Last, Apollo considers every dinner time high dinner fit for royal canines. How does he achieve this? He takes a mouthful of kibbles and only eats it on the soft carpet that’s ten feet away from his bowl (in the laundry room with vinyl floor of all floorings). This way, he can enjoy the luxury of expensive dining in the comfort of his own home. If he is in a great mood, he even takes that mouthful of kibble all the way to his mom’s bedroom, eating it near her. Sometimes a small dog needs quality company too.

As you can see, Apollo takes his time and considers the many facets of his life carefully.

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