Throwing up on soft surfaces, like carpet. Or on tiles. Or on the owner’s foot.

Sunbathing in a spot of sunshine, but never going on a walk outside the house.

Barking in his sleep, dreaming about chasing other dogs and not vice versa.

Taking long naps with legs stretched behind him.

Ignoring commands like, Come here! or Sit! or Stay!

Playing with an orange (or a yellow or a blue or a red) mini tennis ball—no other toy will do in their stead.

Resting in his grandma’s lap for hours, or in his mom’s lap if grandma is not available.

Peeing outside, and sometimes inside the house.

Licking faces, aiming for people’s tongues and scoring.

Traveling in the car, looking at everything.

Going up the stairs, but never down.

Prancing after grandma or mom.

Being a “good dog.”

Putting his toys in his families’ shoes.

Smelling his or Zeus’s poop from less than an inch distance.

Licking his family’s hands for hours.

Eating lamb-flavored treats (that is a medicine really).

These are a few of Apollo’s favorite things.

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