Zeus is an early riser. He believes that the sun wakes up thanks to his gentle barking. It is an important job. He also lets the neighborhood know that he is there to keep a watchful eye out for anything suspicious.

Then he goes back to sleep after such hard work—a much deserved rest if you ask him.
Then, finally, his mom gets up and serves him a yummy breakfast of kibbles.
Zeus celebrates the wonders of breaking fast by going outside to sing, I mean bark.
After that, he takes a couple of hours of sleep, preferably next to his mom, while she writing the next installment in the Last Lumenian series.

Then, he runs outside to warn any dog walkers about the dangers of entering Zeus’s territory.

After such satisfying barking, he goes back to sleep.

Then, it’s time for dinner. Dinner is Zeus’s favorite part of the day. He enjoys feeling full and lets everyone know about it by barking it to the wind, then taking care of his major business, then chasing Apollo around the dining room.

And just like that, it’s time for him to sleep again, this time turning in for the night.

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