Zeus’s love is never ending and unconditional.

Every morning, when I greet him, he jumps up and down from happiness as if we hadn’t seen each other in forever (8 hrs is a looong time for a small dog).

When I look at him, he wags his tail to let me know he sees me too.

When I sit down on the ground to exercise, he brings his ball as it’s clearly playtime (many exercise times have been interrupted like this, but couldn’t have been helped).

When I leave for 5 minutes to take out the trash, he greets me as if I was gone for a year.

When I feel sad, he finds me and jumps in my lap to comfort me the best way he can, by demanding attention.

When he hears someone entering the house, he lunges in front of me to protect me from the intruders (it’s usually my hubby or my son, but how dare they… 😉 )

When I leave from one room to another, he follows me with excitement as if to ask, What new adventures are we up for now? (He is also not disappointed when said adventure turns out to be a visit to the bathroom or checking the mail.)

When I smile at him, he searches for his toys and brings one to me so we can play as clearly that’s what a smile means.

When he sees me coming home, he sprints to me or even jumps off the top of the 16-stair-long stairway (luckily, he only did that once and did not break any bones).

As you can see, Zeus’s love is truly never ending and unconditional, and he proves this every single day to his owner’s delight. (Not jumping off the stairs—that was really scary.)

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