My little big dog, Zeus, takes his job very seriously. He is ON the second he wakes up, listening for outside noises for anyone who dares approach his territory (a 10-mile radius around HIS house). He promptly lets the obnoxious intruders know about his dislike of such intrusion by barking at the top of his lungs. (He recommends jumping up and down from hindlegs to ensure that the bark carries far in the eerie quiet of the early morning, so all the neighbors can enjoy the sound of his displeasure.)

Zeus wears many tags, so to speak (not literal tags, just metaphorical ones–he hates any tags, collars or leashes). He is not only the protector of the whole neighborhood, but also the second shadow of his owner. As you might have suspected, he takes this job very seriously too. If said owner gets up to go to the bathroom, Zeus will follow right behind. If the owner thinks she can leave him out of whatever fun is happening there, he pushes the door leading to the toilet open with his nose, and bursts onto the scene with wagging tails, letting his enthusiasm lead the way.

Lastly, he wears the tag of an emotional support dog to his owner. He knows exactly when his owner needs him to cheer her up, and he jumps into her lap to provide whatever comfort a 14-lbs dog can do. If his owner is happy, he is right with her, joining in with loud barking, and running around with his favorite toy in his mouth.

As you can see, Zeus is the most amazing and the most important dog in the world (at least to his owner), and he knows it too.

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