Every morning, Zeus and Apollo have a routine.

First, Apollo goes to pee.

Now I know you are wondering, how could this be when Zeus is the alpha dog in the house?

No need to despair. This is an important strategic move on Zeus’s part.

How you may ask?

Because Zeus stands in line right behind Apollo, ready to move into the exact spot Apollo just marked. This way he is immediately takes care of the problematic area. He deploys the over-pee technique. Brilliant!

Sometimes this tactic involves standing close to Apollo. So close, in fact, that some stray drops land on his front leg–that is an unavoidable sacrifice that Zeus makes.

Anyway, as Zeus waits in line, it is important to know that he is signaling to Apollo that while he is patient; he does not have all the patience in the world. He is the alpha dog, after all.

As usual, Zeus has the last word, or pee in this case.

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