When you are small, like Apollo (he weighs 10 lbs and 10” long) the world can be a scary place.

Every morning, he dreads emerging from the protection of his crate as he knows he will be “attacked” and will have to endure horrific things (two rounds of eyedrops).

Breakfast helps, but he prefers to retreat into the haven of his crate most of the day just to be cautious.

Many things, like doors or stairs, prove to be very challenging for Apollo. Though he did conquer the doors, and learned how to carefully push them open when they are not closed completely so he can enter. (He considers himself a bathroom connoisseur and feels he should be always involved when one of his family members has an “adventure” in the bathroom.) The stairs, however, have proven to be a mountain he cannot scale, at least not downward. But being carried by his family is a perk Apollo thinks he deserves. The only question is: Does his family deserve such privilege?

Another aspect of life that can feel overwhelming for a small dog, like Apollo, is outside.

Apollo absolutely, one hundred percent, despises ‘the outside’. There are too many unknowns for him to feel safe, like bigger dogs walking on the street, all-ages-of humans who want to pet him, and not to mention cars. Apollo would do anything to avoid going outside, and has accomplished this feat for many years. But don’t worry, we have a small courtyard that is his kingdom. Although, one small problem—that feels pretty big for a small dog like Apollo—is that said kingdom contains many unforeseeable dangers, like falling leaves, rain, or pesky flies that can make his life quite miserable.

As you can see, Apollo is right to consider the world a scary place, but luckily for him, his family is always there to help him out.

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