Once upon a time, there lived an amazing tiny dog, named Apollo, in the small village of San Diego, CA. He loved his life and pranced around happily with his tongue hanging out.

He has heard tales of treasure (i.e. missing tennis balls) buried under the Mountain of Drawers (i.e. under Mom’s desk), over the treacherous Sea of Glass (i.e. the glass chair mat in front of the desk).

Apollo dreamed of the treasures for many decades (i.e. months), but never believed himself brave enough to cross the uncrossable Sea of Glass-–no adventurer had survived such an attempt, well, except for his big brother Zeus, but that’s neither here nor there.

Anyway, one sunny day, another treasure (i.e. another tennis ball) landed under the Mountain of Drawers. Apollo knew the time had come to face his fears, and face he did.

First, he whined a little to signal his distress to his Mom. She did not give in and fetch the treasure for him, which made Apollo even braver. He put a paw, I mean, waded onto the Sea of Glass.

When nothing happened, he valiantly fought with the hanging vines (i.e. charging wires dangling from the desk), and went into a dangerous gaping dark cave (i.e. under the desk), where he found his orange treasure.

Apollo took a few minutes to enjoy the orange fruit of his fearlessness (i.e. chewed the tennis ball a bit), before he ventured back out. This time, he bravely batted the vines away and crossed the Sea of Glass with only minor slipping on its surface.

Of course, the real treasure was his Mom’s encouraging words afterward, “You are so amazing, Apollo!” that made his harrowing adventure completely worth it.

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