Night has fallen. 

Another one.

So many nights, I can’t even remember the beginning.

I just was.

At first, I didn’t know what I was. Thought only about myself as a thing, even that thought didn’t come often.

Then with each nightfall, more and more awareness forced me to evolve. To observe. To draw conclusions.

Which I did. Like this one – whoever is the person sitting behind me, is a slob. 


He puts hot plates or mugs on my polished wooden tabletop, burning me. Sometimes he even spills them!

He, this nameless person, throws pencils at me for no reason! Shouting and yelling and cursing. Even kicking me! (I figured out that the words with the most emphasis are swear words like, ass, stupid and homework.)

I don’t even want to start on the disorganized and untidy state he leaves behind, day after day. 

I keep hoping for the proverbial elves to turn up at night, but alas that hasn’t happened. Yet!

Despite him, and his uncouth behaviour, I like being a desk. 

I feel that I have an important purpose in this life. I am the one that holds heavy things like computers, plates and books. All kinds of books, piled up in a disorderly manner.

I remember the first group he calls, this uncouth desk user, the must read pile. For some reason he seems to despise them. Which would explain his uncouth state – reading polishes and makes a person smarter. I, for example, peeked through many pages – turning said pages was a bit of a hardship but Wind, my best friend often helped me out.

Wind, she is also a bit of a mischief. A funny one. 

I can’t tell you how many nights we laughed when she was blowing papers onto the Carpet (he is a lazy, boring and quiet fella with not much to add to any conversation other than groaning that he carries the weight of the world. As if!) Not only did Wind sweep off the papers with one big blow, scattering the crinkled and grease spotted pages without any order, she often slams Doors and Windows, too.

They don’t seem to mind it. They are too busy staring outward, into the world, in the case of the Window, and into a dark and narrow hallway, in the case of the Door.

When the uncouth owner runs in, scared, thinking ghosts are haunting him, Wind and I laugh so hard, a sound can be heard echoing. The owner calls that sound eerie, but I beg to differ. Wind has a ringing laughter, while mine is more of a sudden outburst like CRACK!

House knows what I’m talking about. She laughs even more at jokes that I cannot see, sounding much louder than me, but the disorganized owner never criticized her about that!

Not that I am surprised. He really has no style whatsoever. 

Then there is the CAT. 

A mysterious and mischievous creature.

She lurks in the dark, her yellow eyes flashing with lights, just staring and watching.

I figured her out. She is stalking me!

She has often jumped on me, used all 20 of her claws on my poor desktop. I did not like it!

But on those occasions when she fell asleep at the corner of my desktop, purring ever so quietly, those occasions I didn’t mind too much.

But she is an unpredictable enigma and I never know what she’ll come up with next.

I am doing my best to be vigilant but I am not made out of stone and can’t stay up all night.

Even now, I feel the Sleep pulling me and I give up resisting it.

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